Newsletter, October 2004
Netherlands: Word Perfect in Dutch increases sales
Norway: Solid Works translated by local dealer 
Poland: IronCAD, one of few CAD programs in Polish 
Sweden: Swedish Intellicad breaks into the market
Finland: The distributor delivers the translation via the Internet 
World: Users from 80 different countries run Software Translator

Newsletter, April 2004
Spring campaign: Software Translator for USD 990
ABB translates programs for markets in Poland, Vietnam and Mozambique
Software Translator patented until 2020
3D construction program breaks ground in Finland
Win a trip to France
FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Newsletter, January 2004
The Swedish tax authority Skatteverket runs 14,500 Software Translator licences
The Dutch company Pollux reaches 15,000 Software Translator licences
AutoCAD from Autodesk in five different languages
Swiss CADTEC markets Alibre Design in German
More information on Software Translator

Newsletter, September 2003
"On-the-fly" resizing of text in dialog boxes in Windows software
WYSIWYG translation
Trade fair in Stockholm 7-11 October
Find out more about Software Translator

Newsletter, April 2003
Microsoft customers choose Software Translator
3D CAD application translated intoItalian in 4 (!) days
Trade fair in Gothenburg 8th-11th April
Find out more about Software Translator

Newsletter, February 2003
Run a Windows program in two languages simultaneousley
Learn a Windows program and English more easily
Translate Windows operative system

Newsletter, November 2002
Translation of WEB-pages/ASP-applications / Intranet-applications
Some products that have been translated using Software Translator
Bilingual programs - both in original language AND translated at the same time!
Translate Printouts
Translate ”shared files” from Windows. Only way to achieve 100% translation
What they say about Software Translator
Try free ”trial-version” 30 uses

Newsletter, September 2002
Translate any Windows Program
Some products that have been translated using Software Translator
Testing of Software Translator
Network version of Software Translator
Client-server version of Software Translator
Different language versions of Software Translator
Unicode version of Software Translator
Languages supported by Software Translator
Handling of text strings that become too long
Administrator’s licence and runtime licence
'Hidden' translation
Reference book
What they say about Software Translator

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