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Software Translator for Windows


Software Translator translates any software in any language to any new language of choice. The enclosed dictionary can easily be modified and completed in response to the wishes and needs of the user. This means that you, as a user, will be able to buy software in German, Italian, French, Finnish or Spanish and run it in your native language straightaway!

Today, Software Translator comes with English, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Brazilian, Estonian, Croatian, Chech, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian,  Slovenian, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Thai dictionaries.
The dictionaries contain the general vocabulary of most Windows-based software. It is advised to purchase the extended dictionaries separately, to add terms unique to each respective application you might want to translate.

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"Resize a control"


Software Translator for WEB


Translation of WEB-page/ ASP-applications / Intranet-applications 

More and more programs are becoming available via the Internet and various browsers, for example Internet Explorer and Netscape. 
To be able to translate such applications and to make them available in different languages Eurocity Software has developed a server based translation application that can translate WEB content from any one language to another. There is for example no problem in making a Japanese homepage available in Swedish or English or Russian with Software Translator for WEB. 

For those responsible for a homepage, a translation using Software Translator for Web gives the following advantages. 

  • They need only update and manage one WEB-structure, not many different language versions
  • They need only test and verify one WEB-structure, not many different language versions
  • They can easily outsource translations of WEB pages to translation firms, local distributors or agents since they don’t need access to a web-pages source code in order to translate it
  • They can reach new language markets
An example of a relatively static WEB-application in English The same WEB-application in Polish

Because Software Translator for WEB translates by exchanging a designated word or phrase with the corresponding word or phrase in a different language it is well suited for relatively static WEB-applications such as booking programs for train and plane tickets, WEB shops, product catalogs, CRM programs, accounting programs and more. Software Translator for WEB does not analyze the grammar within a text or try to understand its meaning.  For this reason 100% correct translation is achieved for all words and phrases predefined in dictionaries customized for particular WEB-applications.

Other suitable Web-application could be:

  • A booking application for tickets (air plan tickets, train tickets, theatre tickets)
  • A booking application for car rental (Avis, Hetz…) 
  • A CRM-application 
  • A Weather prognosis application 
  • A Bank on the Internet application 
  • A “Yellow Pages” application
  • A Web-shop application 
  • A search engine application (Goggle, Alta Vista…)
  • A product catalogue application 
  • A Web-based remote control application


Extra Tooltip for Windows


Run a Windows program in two languages simultaneously!

Problem: One person wants the program in English and another wants the same program in his or her own language
The reason for wanting a program in English in a non-English-speaking country may perhaps be that documentation or course material is not available in the language in question, or that users are perhaps working for a company which has English as its corporate language. Another reason for not translating into another language may be that traditional translation is costly and time-consuming.


Solution: Today Tool Tips can be lost where for reasons of space the text has to be shortened or where a picture (icon) needs to be explained in words. Extra Tool Tip for Windows can insert new, freestanding Tool Tips anywhere at all in a Windows program, e.g. in a menu, on a button, or to accompany a tab or background text in a dialog box, and produce the same text there but in another language of your choice. The result is that the user sees the original English text and the same text in the other language at the same time. The user thus understands the meaning of the English terminology while at the same time learning the English expressions.


Tool Tip containing translation of menus Tool Tip containing translation of tabs Tool Tip containing translation of background text in dialog boxes

Learn a Windows program and English more easily

Problem: “Read but not understood”
For natural reasons, program developers have to be economical with the available screen space, which often makes menu choices and background text difficult to interpret.
That is why manuals, guides, wizards and on-line help are provided. They are there to explain further the meaning of words and sentences on the screen, and they are there whether the program has been translated or not.
Solution: Extra Tool Tip for Windows gives schools and educators a tool for moving information and explanations to exactly the spot where they best belong. The program user or course participant is spared the bother of clicking on a question mark or browsing through the Help menu to find the right information.
The information can be placed in a large Tool Tip which follows the pointer and pops up in the right place at the right time, i.e. when and where the user needs help. Just like a regular Tool Tip, the new Tool Tip only becomes visible when the user rests the mouse pointer on the item. So Tool Tip help is always on hand when you want to view it.

The “Avancerat…”(Advanced) button without the Tool Tip does not tell the user much about what is hidden beneath.

By employing Extra Tool Tip for Windows to make it easier for users to use the Windows program, program developers, program distributors, IT managers and others can reduce the workload on their customer support service and helpdesk.


Easy Translator

EasyTranslator 4 Deluxe delivers improved translations in more languages than ever before. Now get quick, easy translations in Spanish, French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese

EasyTranslator 4 Deluxe Translates in 12 Language Directions
  • English to Spanish
  • English to French
  • English to German
  • English to Italian
  • English to Portuguese
  • English to Japanese
  • French to English 
  • German to English
  • Spanish to English  
  • Italian to English
  • Portuguese to English
  • Japanese to English 

Features & Benefits
  • EasyTranslator4 Deluxe lets you incorporate translation into your Windows desktop in the ways that 
    are best for you.
  • The Notepad View lets you interact with your work. Edit the source text or the resulting translation for 
    a more accurate final output.
  • Push-button translations are available from the EasyTranslator floating Toolbar. The Toolbar can be conveniently moved to any location on the screen. 
  • Plus, menu-level integration for Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect lets you access translations 
    in these applications right from their program menu or toolbar.
  • Powerful Dynamic Dictionary Linking
  • Supports 12 language directions 
  • True Machine Translation (not a word replacement program)
  • Translates Web Pages in the Browser

What Can You Translate with EasyTranslator?

  • Translate whole documents – or just sections – to review documents you receive in other languages.
  • Experience more of the World Wide Web by translating Web pages right in your browser. 
    EasyTranslator4 Web translations maintain formatting, links, graphics and more. 
  • EasyTranslator allows you to more effectively communicate internationally. Translate e-mail messages 
    and instant messaging into English, or include a draft translation or your outgoing message to non-English speakers.
  • You can translate any text with EasyTranslator by taking advantage of EasyTranslator’s simple copy – translate – paste functionality. 

What is Machine Translation?

Machine translation provides individuals and businesses with an easy-to use tool to obtain immediate, low-cost multilingual translations of Web pages, emails, correspondence virtually any document. Achieved via the computer, machine translation technology will translate text from one human language to another by interpreting the structure of sentences in the source language (the language you are translating from) and generate a translation based on the rules of the target language (the language you are translating to). Machine translation is ideal for rapid, draft-quality translations that provide individuals and professionals with the "gist" of foreign language documents such as email, Web pages and correspondence. A "gisted" translation allows readers to understand the meaning of the original foreign–language document and determine its relevance to themselves or their business. Because languages are complex, translation results will vary depending on the source document. For casual documents and for getting the gist of documents in other languages, EasyTranslator gives you the fastest, best quality automatic translations available today. 


  • Windows - Windows 98, NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 or higher, 2000 Service Pack 1 or higher, ME, or XP; Pentium II or better; 16MB of RAM; 50 MB of disk space to install all language pairs.
  • Web Page Translation requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or above, Netscape Communicator 4.0 through 4.77, or AOL 5.0 or above.
  • Microsoft Word integration requires Microsoft Word 97, Microsoft Word 2000, or Microsoft Word XP. 
  • Corel Word Perfect integration requires Word Perfect 8 or 9.
  • English to Japanese and Japanese to English translations provided by J-Surf. Some functionality is different from the core EasyTranslator features. Dynamic dictionary linking is not available for translations to and from Japanese.
Powerful Dynamic Dictionary Linking 
- Allows the flexibility to produce the best machine-quality draft translations from almost any source material. Choose the best translation for ambiguous words from the six (6) 100,000 word supplemental dictionaries or even supply the exact translation you want for the context. Works with all EasyTranslator translations modes.

Now with Japanese! 
- EasyTranslator brings Japanese translations to English Windows machines with the revolutionary 
J-Surf Japanese Internet Translator. Translate Web pages and text documents—including e-mail messages—from Japanese to English using the convenient J-Surf tool bar. Web page translations performed using J-Surf maintain the formatting, 
graphics and links of the original Japanese page.


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